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Many types of incidents happened at this site

In July 2008 Multiple Trash Fires occurred at this dump site

The Good Intent Hose Company #1
of Llewellyn, PA

today announces the launch of work to remediate an illegal dumpsite that has been an eyesore to the community for decades. In coordination with the Schuylkill County Conservation District, the Schuylkill Headwaters Association and the Branch Township Supervisors, this project is aimed at removing and mitigating an environmental and safety hazard from the community, while at the same time enhancing the health of the environment and well being to the community.
The site, located along Silverton Road in Llewellyn, Branch Township, Schuylkill County, has been the target of several suspicious fires over the last few years. By removing the illegally discarded tires and other materials, as well as abandoned vehicles and equipment, the Fire Department exemplifies their support of a safer community at large.
Aside from the safety factors and general eyesore of an illegal dumpsite, the project is also aimed at restoring the health of the environment. With directly adjoining wetlands and a productive native trout stream, it is the intention of all parties involved to create a beautiful, spacious recreational area, as well as providing a valuable location for environmental education and research. The project will expand on a current wildland recreation and educational area, already in place.
Removal of the debris is expected to last for the next three days.

Work Begins
Day 1


Day 3



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