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Good Intent Hose Co. No. 1

Good Intent Hose Co. No. 1
12 Silverton Rd.
Llewellyn, Pa 17944

The Good Intent Hose Co. No 1 is an all volunteer organization.
Our Hose Company is supported almost entirely out of donations
from private citizens.

The cost of running a fire station is enormous. Not only do we have our bills for Heat, Fuel and Telephone. We also have to buy new equipment.

The average cost of a complete set of turn-out gear
(our firefighting suits) is around $9000!

Besides our 2004 Central States Tanker and our 2009 Rosenbauer Utility that were paid for by a state grant. Our other apparatuses are aging and the repairs and maintenance can be very expensive. In the beginning of 2010 we finnaly were able to construct a new apparatus garage. We now can house all vehicles out of the weather. The building costs us almost $200,000 and a $1,000 payment every month. Currently That is why we are asking you to make a donation to our company.

Thank You.
Pres Paul Kennedy
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