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2020, Good Intent is back on its own, we will be hosting everything at

In 2019, Good Intent Hose company lost permission for crucial property out the west end. This property was the throat of our run. Without this property, we can no longer host a run at our location.

Also In 2019, We were able to team up with another fire company to make the run happen. Re-labeled as Thunder In The Valley.

The Good Intent Hose Company started the ATV Run in 2011 as a unique way to raise funds for the Company’s recent building project. The first year there were just fewer than 800 riders and only a small number of sponsors. In 2016, the ATV Run hosted just short of 2,200 riders. Now entering our SEVENTH year, the event is now acclaimed as one of the best, if not the best event of its nature on the entire Eastern seaboard. The ATV Run now not only benefits the Good Intent Hose Co. but numerous other non-profit organizations from our area including but not limited to the Boy Scouts, Geisinger Children’s Hospital, Black Diamond Navy Club, Minersville Little League and several other emergency services organizations. The days leading up to and surrounding the main event have added a profound economic impact to our local economy including restaurants, retail stores, specialty off-road sports retailers, hotels, campgrounds and other area attractions.

With all of our hearts.