Frequently Asked Questions

(primitive camping, food/alcohol policy, admission fees etc).

The primitive camping means we have the location for you to bring a camper, RV, tent, etc and camp. There are no hookups for water, electric, sewer.. it’s primitive. It’s the only “real” camping as far as I’m concerned. Food/alcohol: Friday there will be a spaghetti dinner and the bar will be open. Saturday there will be a beer trailer and some other sorts of food, and the bar will be open again.

How many people are you expecting to have?

In 2012 we were just shy of a 1000 riders.

Is there a cutoff number?

No, there is no cutoff. The more people who attend, the better the event will be!

The ATV run is only Saturday night but you can camp Friday night? Can you camp Saturday night too?

Sure. We’re potentially having a band and a beer trailer and don’t expect people to drive home Saturday night.

Can people bring campers or is it just tents?

Campers, RVs, tents, buses, whatever. Bring what you got.

When do you have to register by?

There is no final date for registration. You can sign up as late as the morning of the event. However, in order to provide the best entertainment and accommodations, we would like to have as many pre-registered as possible.

Are there teams?

Each player is their own team.

Other rules & regulations:

Littering is strictly prohibited. Trash receptacles will be placed along the trail at the card draw sites.

Anyone entering the trail is responsible for their own actions. A waiver will need to be signed by each person entering the trail indemnifying the Good Intent Hose Co and all landowners, vendors, and anyone else involved in the Poker Run. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and will have to have a waiver signed for them by said guardian.

The trail will be clearly marked for the event. Anyone who gets lost or wanders off the trail is responsible for finding their own way back. A GPS unit or GPS-enabled phone is a handy tool to bring.

The trail will only be open on the day of the event. The landowners have been gracious enough to allow us to use their property for this one day; trespassing laws will be strictly enforced at any other time. The PA State Game Commission also patrols many of the areas and will be enforcing trespassing laws on days other than the event.

Alcohol will only be served to persons over the age of 21 with proper photo identification. Anyone under 21 caught with alcohol throughout the event will be arrested and their equipment confiscated.

No Swimming

Stay tuned to this website for updates on rules and events!!

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