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St. Patty's Day
- Benefit Dance-
For: Baby Tyler Sincavage
Music By:
"The New Individuals"

A big thank you for the St. Patty's Day benefit dance/fund-raiser in Llewellyn for baby Tyler Sincavage. It was a huge success.

Although Tyler's parents, Mandy and Ed, wished they could have made it to the benefit to see all of you and make an announcement of thanks that they had planned, Tyler had a different plan for them.

Mandy and Ed were where they needed to be, and have been, devoting time 24/7 to being by their son's side in Tyler's time of need.

Thank you to the Good Intent Hose Company No. 1, The New Individuals, all who said prayers and sent well-wishes in the last five months, those who made donations at the door, bought tickets, those who gave gift certificates and donated auction items, made food, bought food, those who gave a donation of cash or checks and sent letters or cards.

Thanks to those who helped at the door, in the kitchen, bartended, set up, cleaned up or helped before, during and after the dance. You all know what you did and all of this is what made it a huge success.

There were 385 people who came to the dance. Even though it was standing room only, everyone still was able to dance, express concern to the family members who were there and take part in a very successful Chinese auction. Everyone had a great time showing their support for Tyler.

Also, thank you to The REPUBLICAN & Herald for the “300 Words'' article by Katherine Whitney in February.

Last, I thank you so much for your support for this wonderful family and if I can ask just one more thing of all of you, please continue to pray for baby Tyler and his family.

Tyler is still struggling. This little guy has been through so much. He is such a fighter and he will get through this.

Karen Bush
Schuylkill Haven
Ed and Amanda Sincavage

Donations can still be made!
contact webmaster@llewellynhose.com
and we will get you connected to the Sincavage family.


St. Patty's Day
- Benefit Dance-
For: Baby Tyler Sincavage
Music By:
"The New Individuals"

The benefit dance is for baby Tyler Sincavage and his parents.
The dance is to help his parents pay for medical expenses.
Tyler is one of the 2 million people that have been
diagnosed with Moyamoya Disease.

Copyright © 2008 Good Intent Hose Company #1